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June 22, 2020

Syllabus #37

Dear John,

Here are our latest syllabi:

The Machinist (on technology)
The Progressive (on political economy)
The Cosmopolitan (on global affairs)
The Activist (on social justice)
The Intellectual (on arts & ideas)

Best of Academic Articles
Best of Videos
Best of Podcasts
Best of Journalism

Best of French
Best of German

Highlights from across The Syllabus

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Your personalised syllabus


Article of the Week

So much of what we know about cybersecurity threats comes from the very firms that want to sell us cybersecurity protection. Does this distort our knowledge of cybersecurity? Our open-access article of the week examines this question. The authors answer in the affirmative, arguing that “commercial interests of [cybersecurity] firms will produce a systematic bias in reporting, which functions as much as advertising as intelligence.” (“A tale of two cybers – how threat reporting by cybersecurity firms systematically underrepresents threats to civil society” by Lennart Maschmeyer et al. in Journal of Information Technology & Politics)

New Best of French & German Edition

Following last week’s launch of our new series in French, we are introducing its German counterpart. This new Best of German series will feature highlights found by our system across text, video and audio. Further language editions are in the works.



For many months now we’ve been working at building a new and better home for The Syllabus. This new site will come with an easy-to-navigate “personal cabinet”, allowing you to breeze through all the various series and editions, as well as a fully searchable archive. We are hopefully within a few weeks of releasing it.

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